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Create  your smart connected devices, effortlessly

No code required, no hidden fees, always free cloud or bring your own.
All features and APIs of standard Shelly devices, customizable to fit your needs.

A platform you can trust

Smart devices sold world wide
Cloud connected devices
Ecosystems supported

Shelly X module for relays

Shelly X MOD1

Shelly X MOD1
DevKit Terminals

Shelly X MOD1
DevKit 4 Relays

Shelly X module for appliances

Key features of the Shelly X platform

No code required

• Apply configuration created from the dev portal

• Out of the box support of all Shelly device features

• Virtual components via UI

• Add-on peripherals supported out of the box

- check documentation for supported sensors

No hub required

• No additional expenses with Shelly's hub-free design.

• Local-only, peer-to-peer operation

- requires manual configuration

Always free Shelly Cloud included

• Shelly Cloud will always be free for you and your customers

• Premium subscription is optional


• WiFi 5

- 2.4 GHz

• Bluetooth Low Energy


• Scripting via embedded JavaScript

- On / Off, toggle, auto off after turning on and more

• Onboard scheduling and timers

- even without a hub or cloud connection, the local scheduling can operate completely independently

• Local actions

- On / Off, toggle, auto off after turning on and more

• Webhooks

Broad compatibility

• Home automation solutions

- Home Assistant, Homey, Samsung Smart Things

• Voice assistants

- Amazon Alexa, Google Home, ...

• Professional / Industrial automation solutions

- SCADA systems support over MQTT

• Supported by 100+ home & industrial management solutions

Privacy & security

• Secure architecture design according to European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)

• Personal data protection regulations according to GDPR and international cyber-security standards

• EU-based cloud operation

• Mutual TLS support



- over HTTP, WebSocket, Bluetooth, UDP, MQTT

• MQTT/s

- control your device and status reports from your device

• WebSocket

- inbound or outbound control

• BTHome

Business features

• No hidden fees

- no additional expenses during your product’s lifetime

• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CE & FCC certifications

- required for entering any market

• EU-based cloud operation

- all privacy and security regulations apply

• Customer support

- for all Shelly module related issues

• Sales via Shelly distribution channels

• Cloud SLA agreement when Shelly Cloud is used

• Fully managed Over-The-Air / OTA process

- get all new firmware updates automatically, for free

Manufacturer portal

• Module management & configuration

- configure modules and apply configurations, place orders

• Device analytics and troubleshooting

- reports and visualizations, individual device troubleshooting

• Revenue share reporting

reports & features to support the ShellyX Partner program

Communication enhancement for other devices

• Wi-Fi repeater

• Gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy devices

• Gateway for BTHome devices

- open standard for broadcasting sensor data

• Gateway for add-on sensors

- e.g. temperature or humidity sensors

User interfaces

• Embedded Web management UI

- every Shelly module features the embedded web UI

• Shelly mobile apps for Android & iOS

- if Shelly Cloud is enabled

• Cloud management UI

- if Shelly Cloud is enabled

Committed to support you in every step of the way


Order Shelly X modules

Visit our online shop,
select Shelly Partners 
or contact our Sales department
to order Shelly X modules or dev kits.


Create your free account

Join Shelly X Portal today to unlock a world of opportunities.


and fine tune

Configure your new modules, iterate, track and experiment with your implementation, and get real-time reports on your product’s performance.



Tools for mass configuration before sending the modules to the assembly line.

Upon request, Shelly can deliver pre-configured modules, ready for assembly.


Monetize, analyze
 and troubleshoot

Shelly X Portal allows you to track your income from Premium revenue share, 
run reports and analytics, and troubleshoot individual devoices.

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